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Meritor Part

Meritor Part

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Meritor Parts - The Meritor Business is a leading international supplier built upon one hundred years of custom of service and quality. Meritor focuses on integrated systems with several modules and parts to the original machine makers and aftermarket equipment within the transportation and industrial trades.

Meritor prides itself in the company's distinctive energy and thinks that this energy contributes to their competitive advantage within the worldwide operations. The business values all their clients and would like to guarantee their success while anticipating their various needs. Meritor begins with a tradition that values diversity of people and their broad thought processes. Operating in 19 countries and employing more than eleven thousand two hundred individuals, Meritor encourages collaboration and innovation among a team of experienced professionals.

By only employing future focused people, Meritor strongly thinks these top-caliber people will be able to quickly get used to to changing surroundings and exhibit the performance and commitment considered necessary in order to attain results in the competitive materials handling business. The business empowers their teams to make sound business decisions so as to enhance the overall success of the business. In return, Meritor provides all of their workers different opportunities for professional and personal growth.

The Advanced Engineering team is on the forefront of components and system engineering. This comprises drivelines, axles, suspension and braking systems used for medium and heavy duty trucks, military vehicles, trailers, off-highway vehicles and buses. The Meritor Advanced Engineering team is growing. They started a new technical center in Bangalore, India in September 2009 so as to lead their advanced product development initiatives that represent the whole Asia Pacific region. This particular team is even responsible for supporting the needs of their global engineering workers.

Meritor's dynamic and customer focused Quality team is dedicated to ensuring optimum processing at their aftermarket distribution facilities and production plants that are located all over the world in 19 nations and in 5 different continents.

They have their supplier network that is specifically situated to support the development of the business. Each regional team has internationally supported quality systems, initiatives and centralized in Six Sigma and Materials Engineering. Meritor's growing Six Sigma program promotes a fact-based, data-driven approach to decision making within every part of the trade. The DFSS or otherwise known as Design for Six Sigma ensures product reliability within every region. The team is likewise included transactional Green Belts who use Six Sigma tools to business techniques and implement lean techniques.

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