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Bellevue Forklift Parts - Bellevue is a city located within the Eastside region of King County, Washington. It is located across Lake Washington from Seattle. For a lot of years, this area was considered to be a satellite city or suburb of Seattle. Now, it is categorized and known as an edge city or "boomburb." The 2010 census recorded the population to be 122,363.

Bellevue's downtown core has been experiencing fast change and growth and is now the 2nd largest city center in Washington State. There are more than 35,000 employees and roughly 5000 residents in the region. Bellevue City is the 6th wealthiest amongst 522 communities in the state based on per capita income.

Originally settled during the late 1860s and early 1870s, the city of Bellevue quickly became a popular site for residents of nearby city of Seattle to enjoy their summer homes. The first towering evergreens in the area eventually were removed to make way for agriculture. For the first half of the 20th century, Bellevue was recognized for its abundance of strawberry and blueberry farms. During the year 1940, the very first floating bridge across Lake Washington was completed and immediately, Seattle became a suburban and much more accessible place. Since the individuals flocked to the community, the entire area went through much growth which continued for several decades when more families and companies ushered in. In the year 1953, Bellevue was incorporated as a city.

Thanks to the highway access via State Route 520 and Interstate 90 into downtown Seattle, the city of Bellevue started to flourish. Bellevue is situated near Microsoft's home within Redmond Washington. At present, the city of Bellevue is home to numerous headquarters of various small and big companies, a good part of which are companies which started in the 1990s. There are various thriving commercial districts in the region like for example Bellevue Square aside from 3 shopping centers. These shopping locations are: Overlake Shopping District in the North, Factoria Mall located within the south and Crossroads Mall towards the East.

The city has held since 1947, the yearly Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair, that operates at the end of July. This fair is able to draw thousands of guests to the region each year. Additionally, the city likewise holds a yearly Strawberry Festival to be able to pay homage and celebrate its history of strawberry farming.

The Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition is held within the city each year, drawing thousands to the Downtown Park. On hand they have as many as 46 three-dimensional art creations from artists from around the United States. There is also the yearly Bellevue 24-Hour Relay which happens within the Downtown Park each and every July.

Bellevue provides various places of interest that are located within a short driving distance. Like for instance, in the downtown area there is The Bellevue Arts Museum. This is considered to be the Pacific Northwest's main center for the exploration of arts, crafts and design. There is a special emphasis placed on regional artist's works.

The KidsQuest Children's Museum is another gem within the city of Bellevue where kids are able to interact with play areas, educational displays and exhibits. There are different classroom spaces and discovery areas available for large school groups. Another excellent place to go to is the Bellevue Botanical Garden. This huge wonderland consists of 53 acres showcasing meadows, wetlands, display gardens and woodlands. In the month of December, the Garden hosts the annual Garden d'Lights Festival. Scores of families come to be able to enjoy the three-dimensional sculptures of plants and animals which are built utilizing bundled Christmas lights depicting nature-themed scenes.

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