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Spokane Forklift Parts - Spokane is the county seat of Spokane County within Washington State. Situated on the Spokane River within Eastern Washington just 32 km from the Washington-Idaho border, it is the metropolitan center of the region. The US-Canada. border lies 180 km to the north.

Beginning in 1810, Spokane was a trading post of the North West Company's Spokane House. It was a key settlement for the fur trade between the Rocky and the Cascade Mountains. David Thompson was the very first to explore the region. When gold and silver were discovered within the Inland Northwest during the latter part of the 1800s, the Spokane region boomed. The area is still considered amongst the most prolific mining districts within North America. The city's economy developed from its natural resource base, though in recent years, diversification of Spokane's economy has brought high-tech and biotech companies into the area.

Natural resources continue to have a place of importance in Spokane's economy, especially timber and mining. The U.S. armed forces plays a significant role within the area. A lot of Spokane residents are working at the Fairchild Air Force Base. All of the branches of the military are represented within the area. Spokane's economic development ranges from clean technology and aerospace to information technology and digital media. The manufacturing sector concentrates on metal refinery and fabrication, food processing and finished wood products. The healthcare industry plays a growing part in the economy. Lots of companies are located here, including the Fortune 1000 Potlatch Corporation. Various farms, wineries and breweries are located in the region.

Spokane's annual calendar of events features various festivals and celebrations. People from neighboring areas come to Spokane for such activities as the springtime Lilac Bloomsday Run, the biggest timed road race within the world. Spectators are in the tens of thousands. Each and every month of February, the Spokane International Film Festival features independent films from all-around the globe. In June, the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament within the globe happens in the city of Spokane. Called Hoopfest, this particular tournament attracts participants of various ages. The festival each July known as "100 Years of Motorcycles" is not just for motorcycle buffs and builders of custom bikes. The event features musical performers and television celebrities.

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