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Washington Forklift Parts - Washington is a state located on the Pacific Coast within the Northwest region of the U.S. Washington was named to honor the first U.S. President, George Washington. Washington State should not be confused with the capital of the nation, Washington, that is commonly known as "Washington, D.C." or "D.C."

Washington State is bordered to the north by the Canadian Province of British Columbia. Oregon State borders Washington to the south, while the state of Idaho lies to the west.

During 1846, the original Washington Territory was ceded by the British. It wasn't until 1889, that the state became admitted to the Union as the 42nd state. The present population of Washington is 6,724,540, with most people concentrated in the Seattle metropolitan area.

The city of Seattle sits along the Puget Sound of the Salish Sea. This is an inlet which comprises numerous bays, islands and fjords. The city of Seattle is a major industry, transportation and business center. The ports of Puget Sound allow significant amounts of trade together with Asia. The geography of the state varies from rain forests to mountains to semi-arid desert. Much of the latter region is under agricultural cultivation.

Washington State produces lots of agricultural products and is a top producer of red raspberries, wrinkled seed peas, hops, apples, spearmint oil, pears, sweet cherries, peppermint oil, Concord grapes, Niagara grapes and carrots for processing. Other important agricultural products include lentils, fall potatoes, dry edible peas, apricots, asparagus, sweet corn and green peas for processing. Of particular importance is the apple industry. Washington has led the country in apple production ever since the 1920s because of the warm, dry summers and cold winters of the central region, that consists of the Wenatchee-Okanagan region and the Yakima region.

Washington's total gross state product during 2007 was $311.5 billion, making it 14th within the country. The state of Washington is home of aircraft manufacturer Boeing. Other important industries comprise computer software development, automotive, telecom, electronics, aluminum production, biotechnology, mining, lumber and wood products, real estate, beverages tourism and retail. Major companies based or operating there are Paccar, Starbucks, Microsoft, Bungie, Amazon.com, Nintendo of America, Nordstrom, Valve Corporation,Weyerhaeuser and T-mobile USA. Washington State is also a producer of hydroelectric power.

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