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Basic Training Information for Liquid Petroleum Gas
Liquid Petroleum Gas or LPG is a fuel that contains 90 percent propane and has no colour or smell. It is derived from natural gas. LPG is extracted using a process called distilling.

LPG fuel has to be carefully handled. It is usually safe, but can lead to an explosion or ire if gas lines are wrongly maintained or installed. Correct installation and maintenance guidelines must always be followed for home appliances which use liquid petroleum gas.

To guarantee safe handling, employees who work with liquid petroleum gas directly must undertake training. The handling and refueling procedures need to be carefully followed. Employees must also learn how to recognize hazards like for example damaged hoses or loose fittings, and how to test for potential leaks. Personal protective gear should always be worn when working with LPG.

Emergency Preparation
Potentially, the LPG gas is hazardous. The employees in charge of handling this gas need to be trained and prepared to respond to emergencies. Trainees will learn how to control gas leaks, how to administer first aid and how to evacuate areas at risk.

Different Sizes of Liquid Petroleum Gas Tanks
Liquid Petroleum Gas tanks will vary in size from small tanks the size of a knapsack all the way to large underground tanks. Liquid petroleum Gas is handy for heating and cooking for both commercial and residential applications. Numerous forklift units are powered by liquid petroleum gas. Approximately 350,000 U.S. vehicles and 3.5 million vehicles globally use liquid petroleum gas tanks.

33 Gallons
There is a 33-gallon gas tank used to deliver liquid petroleum gas to commercial machines. When empty, the tank weighs around 7 kilograms. When full, the tank could have 14 kilograms of propane. It is large enough for industrial use, and is designed to fuel forklifts with LPG engines. The tank is 71 centimeters long with a 30-centimeter diameter.

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